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Morgan Belanger- I love you so much you are the sweetest & nicest guy that I have ever met in my life. Were such speds.. Well at least I am and my spedness is rubbing off on you.. But dont worry its a good thing.. LoL. You need to come visit me really soon so that we can do.stuff.. Hehe

Paul McDermott- PAULIE!!! Wow last year at this time we hated each other & now youre one of the best guy friends I have! We have the best bus there is DID SOMEONE SAY PARTY?! PHILLY CHEESE STEAK! We made Dan quit his job! Yikes we also have had some good phone sex.. Haha just kidding. Thanx for being there for me & Ill keep on giving you girl advice.. Youre my bitch!

Tino Valpa- Hmmm.. Let me start off by saying we have been through A LOT OF SHIT! Usually when people break up they dont end up becoming best friends, but hey we beat the odds didnt we? We have the best times on the bus.. Yknow that cum stain on Mr. Sweatshirt.. Claiming my window RANEY.. Lol you and your perverted thoughts and giving the twins equal attention. Haha youre great and I hope you go to dover high, because after 8th grade were never gonna see each other again.. So live it up Tree Gnome Crack Squirrel. (p.s. dont get too crazy w/ that pokemon shit)

Colin Orr-Wow we have been friends for almost 3 years! That is a long time isnt it? Youre such a great guy & an awesome email buddy haha. And even though jesus touched you maybe someday if youre good youll get what youve wanted for the past like year. Hahaha that was so funny at the football game DILDOSNIFFER but youre also a lil pervert.. But hey what guy isnt these days?

Mark Rioux- Haha good times playing truth or dare online. Yeah imma kinky lil bia! MOST of your secrets are safe with me.. You lil homo.. J/k IM ON MY KNEEES.. Haha math class whoo and If Quinton were a lady.. Then you.. Well.. Lets not go there. Youre my lunch bitch. Thanks for buying me food everyday I really need it.. LoL.. Hey if u ever want my sandwich that mommy makes for me go ahead and take it

Chip Ouellette- BONER KING!!!! I havent known you very long but you are a REALLY cool kid! Youre fun to talk to and a lil bit on the perv. Side but hey what guy isnt like that. I hope we continue to have our.. Interesting conversations

George Quinn- That dude with the Orange hair. Haha some days youre cool and some days your just gay But I will always remember that taco. That taco that you brought to my house twice just because I told you too! That was the nice George.. I miss the Nice George Michael Vaios Quinn who used to bring tacos to my house and talk to Gophers. Haha Camp was so fun.. Right FIZZZZYYYY!!!!!!!!! Hope you start having fun at lunch.. Even if it is just laughing at the speds We had some good times at my house too. And I still have that box.. Hehe I PROMISE NExT TIME U COME OVER WE WONT THROW APPLES AT YOU Well throw oranges.

Jesse Mills- Good times at related arts and English class.. You can be really really mean sometimes.. But sometimes you are really nice too. Yeah and youre a really big perv also.. And I bet you dont have a 6 pack.. I bet its like a big blob of fat.. Haha j/k youre my best bud lol.

Joe Visciano- Youre realllllyyyyyy funny.. Youre a perv too, but hey its all good. We have some good times since youre in ALL my classes, and you enjoy the time you spend with Mr. Franz.. Haha dont get too attached Joe, he has a reputation.

James Tsoukalas- Even though you piss me off a lot you deserve a shout out. We had some good times this summer and even at the football game. I want that hat! Dammit I want that hat. I steal hats GUAVA!! Haha just like old times. The good old days awww I miss the good old days of long walks on the beach of Wallis Sands lol. Well overall I guess youre a pretty cool kid, and I hope we become better friends like we were before school started. *RAR SKELATOR!!!!*

Rob Oberlander- At Times you can be the meanest guy there ever was, but at other times you are really funny and you make a lot of sense and you can be really cool. You should grow your hair out like you did last year, because that was really cool.

Tim Rummo- Timmmmyyyyyy!!! Youre such a cool kid. Actually thats an understatement. YOURE AWESOME MANNNN!!! LoL. We had such a cool homeroom LAST year, but this years homeroom is really cool too.. isnt it weird how your girlfriend is always in your homeroom I think its weird. Well youre a really funny kid and we have good times at lunch and I promise Ill pay you back that 2 bucks.. One of these days.. O yeah and thanx for the sweatshirt .. Ha ha

Seth Martel- You are really cool most of the time. You were pretty funny that one time at lunch and last year in homeroom you made me laugh so much. Remember how we used to piss off mrs. Wilson so much haha. We had a great homeroom. Too bad youre not in my homeroom this year. Well I hope were in more classes together next trimester

Cody Fowler- We dont really talk this much this year, but last year we had a lot of good time in Mrs. Wilsons 3rd period math class. Haha remember Bunka? Wow we were such speds. We still are. And I still think youre schizophrenic sometimes, but hey maybe thats just the way god made you. I hope next trimester were in some of the same classes. And youre NOT a wigga!!

Jon Pace- Umm yeah you moved and we havent hung out ever since. And were actually been pretty mean to each other. But we have had some kick ass times at my house. Haha skateboarding down my street in that box that GEORGE found! Haha and doing cheerleading with you and nearly killing you. Haha that was my favorite part. Im sorry for being mean to you so much, but sometimes it can be really fun! Haha, I hope that you can still hang out w/us even though you live far away.

Donny Champagne- OMG DONNY!!! YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME OH MY GOSH!!!! I have only known you for like the same amount of time Ive known Jon..which isnt very long, but you are soo funny and sooo cool and sooo awesome! Wow youre really great. We have had some fun times at my house havent we.. Especially that time with u me george and jon and Kelley and.. O yeah MY MOM!!!!! Haha well I hope so see you real soon.


Tommy Maglaras- Good times you have been TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PARTIES! Wow youre great. We used to be best friends in 6th grade, but hey youre still wicked awesome & there are still more parties to come.. Haha.. Oh yeah and I still have that toy sponge bob. Im using it for my paper mache project.

Aaron Napolitano- Youre really fun to talk to online and you are very nice to me. Thanks for sticking up for me.

Garon Whitney- Good Times at my birthday party.. But its all a secret ok? Psh well everyone already knows about what happened. Cant wait for my next party maybe this time whatever happens in that room wont leave that room alright?

Sean Martinelli- Even though you can be mean to me sometimes you are really great and funny at related arts.. You make music fun with miss seeley and I will never forget when u wore that dress.. You look better than some girls do in dresses lol. Haha that was great.

Josh Doyon- Haha remember last year you were my special friend haha I was such a loser back then Well even tho at lunch you scream at me you can still be nice sometimes.. Like when u wanna look at my agenda.

Quinton Jorgenson- Remember last year? My name is Yoko. O my gash that made me laugh for like 19 minutes and 39 seconds.. Wow we had fun times in related arts last year and this year math is pretty funny too. Ha remember how u used to piss off Stephanie like every 10 seconds. Wow that was great

Jesse Fitzsimmons- I cannot believe that you are going out with lauren copp.. And I dont give a shit about how great your arms are no offense. You made one of my best friends cry and that definitely isnt cool.. I mean you can be really nice sometimes.. And youre funny at lunch too.. AND I WAS NOT POLE DANCING ON THE WALL AT LUNCH!!!!!!!!! I was standing there innocently!!

Geoff Dargan- PRETTY EYES! BALLS! Remember in 6th grade when I kneed you in the balls.. Haha ur balls were like on my knees.. Sick man sick! Haha.. Thank you for telling me all about male orgasms now my life is complete.

Uhhh if I forgot you let me know okay and Ill add you in there definitely lol

And some ppl dont have internet so I didnt bother givin them shout outs.


if i forgot you...